Sending bulk emails to volunteers [Resolved]

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Sending bulk emails to volunteers [Resolved]

I am just about to send a bulk email to volunteers within our database, however when I press the 'Send email to conatcts' button the names and email addresses of these contacts are automatically populated into the 'To' field of the email (rather than BCC). I have held off sending the message because I'd like to be reassured that this won't send the email with everyone's email address visible to every contact? 

Please advise.



Hi Heather,

If you use 'Advanced search' to send bulk emails, maximum of 50 emails can be sent at a time. Eventhough the emails are listed in 'To' column, all the emails will be automatically considered as BCC and this won't send everyone's email visible to every contact. 

However, Mailing will be more handy to send bulk emails with the option to schedule the activity.


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