Applications marked as forgotten on do-it - urgent!

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Jen Volunteer Now
Applications marked as forgotten on do-it - urgent!


We have been in discussion with do-it about anonymising applications to comply with GDPR. Do-it have put a system in place whereby we can forget applications so that all personal details are removed from the system. However, we need this to be reflected in Vbase as well so that we are not holding unnecessary data about people. I understand that do-it have been in touch with Veda about this, and were under the impression that this work was due to be done at the beginning of September but neither they or us have had any confirmation of this work being done. Do-it have also given Veda a list of application IDs specific to our applications so that they can be removed manually as soon as possible.

Please can someone from Veda look into this as a matter of urgency as this has been ongoing now since February!

Thank you. 

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