Developer Details


Please provide the following details to your volunteer centre website developer so they can list these opportunity records on your Volunteer Centre website



      For example if your volunteer Centre VBC URL is, JSON feed url will be as folows,

Sample opportunity feed 

 "opportunity_title":"Test Opportunity",
 "apply_for":"Do-it Trust",
 "owner_org":"Do-it Trust",
 "apply_to":"Do-it Trust",
 "opportunity_startdate":"28 Apr 2017",
 "opportunity_enddate":"27 Jul 2017",

Apply Button

 Apply button of each opportunity needs to be linked to the respective Apply URL + Redirect URL to record the volunteer applications into your VBC account and redirect volunteer back to your desired page.

    Apply URL

    Apply URL for each opportunity is available in the feed.

    Redirect URL

    This is the url of the page where the volunteer will be redirected after an application process. 

    Eg : If your opportunity listing page is and you would like to redirect the volunteer to the opportunity listing page again, this url needs to be passed along with the apply URL

So the Apply Button link will be as follows​

Application Status

Application status will be passed back with the redirect URL on completion of the application and this status token can be used to notify the user about the application status (success / already_applied).

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