Send Info function (do-it my application section)Technical issue

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Send Info function (do-it my application section)Technical issue

We are currently experiencing an issue in the third stage of Sending Info from Action section. When we click on send info button to record any activity, won’t turn to active or green colour.

We have received numerous compliant with duplicating same application multiple times when we have sent the application (volunteer details) to the organization. We have also noticed same issue with internal opportunities.


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Hi Arkawazi,

'Request Info' button will be set to disabled and the icons against 'Send Info' & 'Follow up' buttons will turn into green (to indicate that this action is already done) if the volunteer record already has the relavant activities recorded against the application.

Eg:  In this screenshot below, icons against 'Request Info' and 'Send Info' are green as these two actions have already been taken for this application.

Could you provide us the details of the applications that didn't turn into green even after you process them?




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