Sending charities volunteers information

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Sending charities volunteers information

Thank you for reading this. Volunteer in Woking is new to V Base Cloud

Is there a way we can send the charities the details of the volunteer  straight from V Base Cloud

Thank you

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Yes. If they have applied via do-it and been imported you use the send info button. If you don't want to also send the org details to the vol then skip the first step. Hope that helps, Lorna.


Thank you Lorna. Very helpful. What if they havent applied through DO IT. Can you send through activities on one of the tabs


I have not had occasion to explore that but I don't think it can be done.

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The procedure for non-Do-it applications is slightly different.  In VBC parlance they are called "Local Applications"

You create the volunteer record in VBC and then use the "Opportunity Match" function to make the Volunteer/Opportunity association.

The application will then appear on the Applications Drop down - My Local Applications.

Then you can treat them just the same using the Send Info wizard under Actions.

Although the applications are listed separately, they are all considered together in the reports.  VEDA did a lot of work on Local applications based on feedback from Volunteer Centres.  The operation is slightly different because, of course, when ivo initially specced the functionality for VBC they did not really consider local applications because they were only interested in Do-it, not the general volunteer centre business process.


That's good to know :)