***URGENT*** Unable to cancel our account [Resolved]

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***URGENT*** Unable to cancel our account [Resolved]


Our organisation - Cambridge & District Volunteer Centre is unfortunately closing this week.

We need to cancel our Vbase account and want to ensure all records/information has been deleted.  I tried to cancel the account 3 times last week but when I go to the cancellation confirmation email to follow the link, this leads to a blank screen.

The help I've received so far just results in the same thing happening.

Please can one of the admins at Vbase cancel/delete our account and send us confirmation: info@cam-volunteer.org.uk as a matter of urgency.  We won't be monitoring our email account from 19 April 2017.

Thanks in advance


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Just tried to cancel account again and the link provided in the confirmation email still gives me an 'Access denied' message.  I am still able to log-in to our account as normal.

If you need to contact our office by telephone please call: 01223 631820


Hi Joanne,

Cambridge & District Volunteer Centre account has been closed and a confirmation email has been sent to the given email address.


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