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Follow Up reports

I am currently trying create a report or smart group for the following criteria and having trouble getting quite what I want:

Show ‘Volunteers’ who have the activity “Appointment-WL” “Additional Appointment-WL” or “Telephone Appointment-WL”

Who also have an activity ‘1 month Follow Up- Scheduled’ that is due to take place ‘Within this week’

The list then needs to show the name of the volunteer, date of activity, person who entered the activity and sorted by date, oldest to newest.

Please could you advise as to how I can meet these specific criteria?


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Looking forward to getting this response!!  This is just the sort of thing that VC's need to be able to produce fairly readily.



We have just added Heather's example on User Guide. Please refer...


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That's really great - that this sort of report is achievable.  But would anyone have figured that out?