Unable to display gender in volunteer reports [Resolved]

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Graham from Lin...
Unable to display gender in volunteer reports [Resolved]

I am trying to do some quarterly reporting showing gender, age range, ethnicity and disability status. Three of these are fine but gender seems to be missing. It is held on the header rather than the additional details. I can filter on gender but not display it. Am I missing a trick or has this just been overlooked. I know that i could create a second gender field under additional details but this would cause more problems than it solves.

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I think this is an on-going issue.   Has been raised in this forum before.


Hi Graham & Richard,

We have now added the 'Gender' field to Display Columns in Volunteer report.

Kim Beadle

Thank you for doing this - very helpful.

Please could you also also add gender, age range, nationality, ethnicity and disability status as display column options in the activity reports area as we will also be required to report on this information for those who we have referred, placed and registered etc.


Hi Kim,

Would you mind posting this request as an Enhancement Idea so we could check the response from other VCs? 


Graham from Lin...

Thanks very much. This is really helpful. 

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