New Kiosk Mode not finding relevant opportunities

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New Kiosk Mode not finding relevant opportunities

When testing the new Kiosk Mode designed for walk in volunteers to serve themselves I found that a very limited selection of opportunities was available when compared to Do-It. I tested for all opportunities (no filters) within 3 miles of our Caterham, Surrey office postcode. In Do-It there were 239 with the vast majority (90%) owned by Volunteer Centres Surrey. In kiosk there were 4 (yes 4). As the data on which Do-It and V-Base Cloud work is synchronised between the two it is clear that the search is working on different criteria. We should be able to add opportunities either in Do-it or in V-Base Cloud and they should all appear on a search in either without any additional data having to be added anywhere. We feel unable to use Kiosk Mode (or opportunity matching which uses the same logic) until we understand why this is happening. I admit I have tested other locations in Surrey and come up with better figures but still nowhere near the 100% we would like.  

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Actually I would assume that the VBC listing would also include Opps not to be sent to Do-it, so could be a bit longer if anything?