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Send an e-mail option to volunteers

I have noticed that if someone applies through the do-it site there is an option in their activities to 'send an e-mail',  then we are able to choose a template, but if we have manually added someone, the activity to send an e-mail isn't there. This makes it really difficult to send an e-mail to follow up. There is a 'follow up with individual' option but you can't add a message template so have to start copyning and pasting.

Is this something that can be resolved please?

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Claire Jones

Hi Janette

I thought this was a problem last week, I wrote a process for both online applications and then walk-ins.  The process worked until a member of staff went to follow it.  The reason that activity wasn't there was because the volunteer didn't have an email address.  Once that was added the activity appeared.  It has also just occurred to me you're probably thinking of the send info activity on the do-it applications so what i've said won't make a difference.  Just highlights my "special learning" lol.  

Not sure on that development.  I'm trying to keep up with all the great enhancements but its hard when things change so quickly. I'm having to keep adapting my processes.




Yep, as Claire has highlighted, the option to send an email only becomes available if the contact has a valid email address against them. So for your walk ins you're probably not adding an email address, hence the system cannot email them. Hope that makes sense!