Help please - query on what to do about the 926 Do-It applicants awaiting action for first time user

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Help please - query on what to do about the 926 Do-It applicants awaiting action for first time user


I attended a user group last year, and am hoping VBC will make our lives easier.  Now that I am starting to investigate how VBC works, what we need to do initially to set it up, think about transferring data from our existing VBase system, etc. I have some queries that I hope someone can help me with:

1) I have 926 Do-It applications, would anyone recommend whether it is better to 

a) import them all and then go through our existing database and update/add information where we have it, or

b) just enter (and I think we will have to do this manually) volunteers from VBase to VBC for a set period?

2) Is there an initial setup list/process that already exists that I could use?

I would appreciate any advice please and experience from other users who may have had the same query at the beginning.

Many Thanks Reena

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Hi can anyone let me know what they have done when they first started using VBC please?  I would appreciate any advice/recommendations.




We just started afresh with VBC and didn't transfer any vols across apart from those we would need to contact for any reason. Eg our event volunteers


We did however import all those waiting who had applied on do-it


Thanks Lorna, I think that is what we will have to do also - all 926 of them!

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The real problem is that you can never get the volunteers off the My Applications list without doing either a Placed or Not Placed activity.  This will send an email from Do-it to the volunteer.  You have no control over this happening or the content of the email.

Currently ivo are refusing to discuss this issue.


Thanks Richard, it does sound like they have something planned that will help us have some control on this email from one of your other threads in this forum regarding activities/actions.  We are at the Do-it workshop next Wednesday so will ask the question there too.