Volunteer Fields (Admin/Volunteer/Fields) - issue with County options

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Volunteer Fields (Admin/Volunteer/Fields) - issue with County options

Hi, I am looking at the Administration - Volunteers - Volunteer Information Form- Fields page.  I would like to know the following please:

1) Can Country be fixed to UK so that we don't need to use it or show it on the Volunteer Information Form or in the record?  Not 100% sure if this is relevant?!

2) If I disable Country field  here does it impact on anything?

3) When I click on County it is showing me the states of the USA and not the UK counties.  When I use a test volunteer to click on the form link, the county options are the same, only US states!  Why is this and can it be corrected asap please?  see attached doc

Many thanks

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Hi Reena,

Country is set default to United Kingdom. The county list was showing you the states of USA because you've disabled the country field which has been used to get the list of counties. 

However, we've fixed this issue now. Even if you disable the country field, it won't impact on anything.



Thanks Gopi, I will give it a try again