Create new users - unique email issue [Resolved]

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Create new users - unique email issue [Resolved]


I haven't been able to find an existing post for this question, so am hoping someone can help.  I need to add users in Administration/User Mgmt/Add User who are volunteers, and I only want them to be 'centre volunteer staff'.  However these users do not have unique email addresses as they use our group email when corresponding with volunteers. 

I would like to add them as users of VBC using our group email box, as if they send an email to someone, and in error don't select the group mailbox in the 'From' option (see post: about this), the reply emails will go directly to volunteer email boxes and may not be seen. 

How does anyone else deal with this please?  I want to set up unique users so we can trace actions, and also eventually to use the workflow that was demonstrated in the User Group last year, but cannot create individual email accounts for our volunteers.

I would apprecaite any comments.  Thanks



Hi Reena,

You could create a user with your group email address and use that as a common account for all the Centre Volunteer Staffs. However, if you would like to trace actions of each user, each user should have individual account with unique email address. Logged in user's email address will be picked as a default 'From email'. 


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