New Volunteer Form [Resolved]

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Claire Jones
New Volunteer Form [Resolved]

Hi There

I'm currently setting up VBC for St Helens after using VBC for Halton for a year now.  I'm copying and pasting some of the templates and duplicating the extra fields, lists we use so that there is uniformity across the two sites.  There probably is a simple explanation for this and i've searched and can't find it but the New volunteer form doesn't include the address 2 line on it for either Halton or St Helens where the profile link volunteer form does?

Does anyone know how to change it so that I can add a second address line to the New Volunteer form?  We use it for specific areas within the borough (if supplied), ie Haydock, St Helens or Castlefields, Runcorn?

Any help would be appreciated.



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Admin / Vols / vol info form / fields / add field.

You should be able to then choose the second address line.

Hope that helps, Lorna.

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