Fed up of this system not working....was a great fan but not now.

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Julie Adamson
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Fed up of this system not working....was a great fan but not now.

REally struggling to do anything with this system, we work off 6 computers using 5 logins. What one computer user is able to do is completly different from what another user can see or do! How does that work..(not talking about admin permissions here) For example we cannot do the send info on any system except one. Even that one only does the send info to individual and does not kick into the other screens so you can send info to org.

Is there a big bug in the system that is affecting anyone else. I think we have to give up we have tried and failed now for 4 months...its as if our entire system has a bug...

We add volunteers in kiosk and when we go back in it has not saved info...it really likes deleting email addresses of volunteers..

Too many bugs to list..

Someone please tell me there is a light at the end of the tunnel?

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Hi Julie,

We've tested your account and found out the following issues,

  1. Some of your Organisations(including your main organiastion record -Rotherham Volunteer Centre) & Volunteer records don't have any email address. The Organisation/ Volunteer records need to have valid email address to carryout any actions involving email. This is the reason why you are unable to send info to Organisation. Please update these records with valid email address and try.
  2. Some of the Volunteer records have been saved without any emails using Kiosk mode. Please note that Email address, First Name and Last Name need to be matched to update the exisiting volunteer record. Leaving email field blank will create a new Volunteer record with same name and without any email address in the record. I guess this is what makes you feel like email address are being deleted. So, always make sure that you fill the Kiosk application form with same email, First name & Last Name, if you would like to make application for an existing volunteer.




Hi Julie

Sorry your not having much success, I'd be happy to come out and either pay you a visit or assist you online with a remote session?

Please do let me know if either would work for you, VBC is currently actively serving over 80 VCs and not having the level of issue your describing so it would be good to understand exactly whats going wrong. This is something I think will be best achieved by going through the issues together.

Please do let me know what works.