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Activity types

Would it be at all possible to have permissions to edit all the activity types? Currently we can only edit certain ones (and some like 'follow up email sent' has ''send info ;'' in the subject line) which we aren't able to change within the activity type options and it's quite irritating to have to change it individually every time we use it.

Also, the arrows which are used to move the activity types down to the bottom of the list aren't working as they overlap the next column so you can't click on them - see attached picture.

Thank you!


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I would also like to see more opportunity to customise the application.


Hi Elspeth & Richard,

Activity types used by VBC main actions like 'import', 'send info', 'request info', etc. have been restricted as making changes to these activity types will affect the core functions of VBC and the reports. 

 Arrows which are used to move the activity types were overlapping on smaller screens and this issue has been fixed now. Please have a look



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Hi Elspeth

I understand what Gopi is saying.  Some of the Activity names have to be fixed because they are part of the whole volunteer brokerage business process that has been created in VBC.  But there is a whole discussion to be had regarding the naming of these anyway, because it is not easy sometimes to follow exactly what is going on.

The latest enhancement vote has "Better differentiate activities" and "Unique names for the activities logged at the end of the referral and follow up processes" as enhancement options.  These deal with what I think is your general concern.  If you agree, give them a vote.  I would hope that if one or both of these options gets into the top 5, then VEDA will maybe consult further with us as to what terminology we would like.

To be honest I do not fully understand what you are describing in your original post though.  If you are referring to changing the Subject line of the emails going out, then you can do that (we have).  It might be worth your while elaborating (or maybe I am just missing the point - or being generally thick)