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Welcome to the V-Base Cloud Forums! These forums are for V-Base Cloud current and potential users to help and learn from each other. V-Base Cloud staff will occasionally post here but it is primarily a self-help group.

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  4. Don't post any confidential information - information posted here is public
  5. Be polite!  Let's make this a friendly, helpful place

So go ahead and create an account and get busy asking and answering questions!  

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I seem to be having a problem with Do-it applications. After i have imported a new volunteer, i click on send info but they are bouncing the e-mails back, so i have to copy all the information and send it in a normal e-mail.b   Has anybody else had this problem this week?




Hi Janette, please email help@v-base.org with the details of which email addresses bounced back. Thanks
Maureen Davis

Parvez we emailed yesterday to say that we are still getting undeleiverable messages because of the blacklisting even though the issue is listed as fixed. I have checked and it is still listed as fixed. It doesn't seem as if it is only us having the problem so is this a "new" known issue?



Apologies, my mailbox wasn't showing the emails until just now. We're following this up, it looks like the confirmation on your installation isn't correct for some reason.
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