My Do-It Applications

This section of the V-Base Cloud system is a real-time connection to your Do-it account.  Data shown on this page is pulled from Do-it and should be the same whether you view it in V-Base Cloud or on the Do-it website.  

This page is used to view and process applications for Opportunities relating to your Organisations.

When the page is initially displayed, all applications are displayed. You can limit those shown by searching for part of an applicants name, by date and/or by status. Enter your parameters and click the Filter button.

There may be a slight pause while data is retrieved from the Do-it site.

The statuses are the same as on Do-it:

  • All/Any: Every volunteer who has registered their interest in one of your opportunities.
  • Need Action:  Applicants who have registered an interest and are waiting for you to contact them, or volunteers with logged hours for you to verify.
  • Open: All new applicants who need to be reviewed.
  • Placed: All volunteers who have selected to start volunteering with you.
  • Verified:  All of your volunteers who have had their participation verified.
  • Closed: All applicants who were 'Not Placed' or 'Ignored'.


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