Opportunity Match Applications

Opportunity Match can be used to make Local Applications for existing volunteer records. 

Opportunity Match from Volunteer summary screen

Navigate to Volunteer summary screen and Click on 'Opportunity Match' button 


View the opportunity

Click on 'View' button against the opportunity you wish to apply on the opportunity match results page


Apply for the opportunity

Click on 'Apply Now' button on top left hand corner of View opportunity screen


Conifirm your application​

Confirm your action by clicking on 'Yes' button on the confirmation dialog box


Send Info process

You will be redirected automatically to 'Send Info'  process where you can 'Send Opportunity Details to Volunteer', 'Send volunteer details to Organisation' and 'Record activity with additional details'. 

Successful application though opportunity match will be listed in 'My Local Applications' page and you can process applications from there aswell.