Step 1 - Import Volunteer

Step 1:

First step in My-Do-it Applications list is to import the Application into V-Base Cloud. You can process the applications only after importing them into V-Base Cloud.

There are three different colour coding to differentiate the applications.

Applications can be imported individually or in bulk.


        1. Bulk import


Volunteers can be imported in bulk by ticking the checkbox at the left of their row and using the Import button above the display.

To select all the unimported volunteers on the current display, tick the checkbox in the header.

Note - the Import button only appears when at least one row has been selected.

        2. Individual import

After you click Import link, a confirmation dialog is displayed to save the Volunteer record in V-Base Cloud

After the import more options will be available under Actions menu. You can view the Volunteer record by clicking View Volunteer link under Actions menu


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