Step 3 - Send Info

Send Info action can be used for the following three actions,

  1. Send an email with opportunity details to the Volunteer and record this action as an activity.
  2. Send an email with Volunteer & opportunity details to the Organisation and record this action as an activity.
  3. Create "Send info" activity with addtional details and attachments. For Eg:- if a volunteer walks-in and you give them the details of an opportunity and record this activity.


Actions - >Send Info option will take you through three steps. ** You can skip any of these steps and continue to the next step**


Send opportunity details to Volunteer

You can use this form, if you want to sent an email to the volunteer with the details of the opportunity. You can make changes to the email subject and body fields, if necessary, and click 'Send Email' button to send an email along with the opportunity details to the volunteer. This action will be recorded as 'Send Opportunity Info Email' activity. 'Email' activity will also be recorded against the volunteer record. You may skip this step and continue to the next steps. 



Activity records



Send Volunteer details to Organisation

This form will be used to send an email to Organisation with volunteer & opportunity details. Like the previous form, you can edit Email message and subject, if necessary. Click 'Send Email' button to send the email to the organisation and record this action as 'Send Volunteer Info Email' activity against the volunteer & organisaion record. 'Email' activity will also be recorded against the organisation record. You may skip this step and continue to the next step. 


Activity Records




Record "Send Info" activity for Volunteer and Organisation

 This form can be used to record the activity of a walk-in volunteer. If you print and provide the opportunity details to a walk in volunteer, for instance,  you can record this as an activity. You can select Organisation name and opportunity, add an attachment or additional details of the activity and 'Save' this to create 'Send Info' activity against the Volunteer and the Organisation records. 


Activtiy Records


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