1) Do-it Integration: V-Base Cloud links with your existing Do-it account. It automatically pulls in the organisation and opportunity records that you already have on Do-it and enables you to edit and create new ones.  When volunteers apply for an opportunity on Do-it, details can be easily pulled into V-Base Cloud.

2) Additional information fields: organisation and opportunity records have a wide range of additional fields, along with the facility to create bespoke tags and categories, add notes and activities.

3) Volunteer records: as well as pulling in Do-it applications, you can create new volunteer records (without an email address), with additional bespoke fields and notes.

4) Activities: these include a number of one click actions - such as the ability to email a request for more volunteer information (this generates a secure online form that the volunteer completes which updates their record), email opportunity contact information to an applicant, email follow up requests and request more information about a volunteer using a format that automatically adds this information to the volunteer record when received. In addition there are activities for organisations and opportunities which can be set up by the VC.

5) Email: as well as providing one click emails, it's an easy way to log communications with volunteers and organisations.  Newsletters and other mailings can be sent using customisable templates.  

6) Multiple login: there are two levels of admin access with the facility to add multiple users for both levels - there is no limit to the number of users you can have.

7) Smart Groups: lets you create and save email groups for newsletter mailings - e.g. organisations by type/tag/location, volunteers by age/skills/interest/availability, etc - which update automatically as new records are added.

8) Cloud based: means that you can access your data from any PC or tablet with internet connection with no need to manage your own servers.

9) Reports: a range of reporting that can be customised by the VC user.


Hosting, Licence and User Guide - V-Base Cloud licenses are FREE to Volunteer Centres who post their opportunities onto Do-it.org. The license includes hosting, online help guides, access to the V-Base Cloud web forum (where users can exchange ideas, tips and offer peer support) plus access to workshop events hosted by Veda/Do-it Trust.

Optional Support Costs - 1-2-1 email support at a cost of £250 + VAT per annum.

Do-it API key - to link V-Base Cloud to your Do-it account, will be free for VCs for as long as you want to use it.

Data - Everything that a VC captures on V-Base 2.5 has been included in the new version of V-Base Cloud and we have greatly enhanced the way key features work, enabling much smoother and quicker processes for downloading volunteer info from Do-it and storing local data.

V-Base Cloud is a cloud based CRM; when you log in you will see this page, along the top are the various tabs (Home, Search, New, My Do-it Applications, Reports, Mailing, Administration) below the data fields and functions of these tabs are broken down.

PLEASE NOTE: the site is currently still being tested.

Functions Initial Indication of Data Fields Initial Indication of the screen
Search tab    
Search for Organisations, Volunteers & Opportunities, edit, update and delete records. N/a
New tab    

Create new Organisations

Includes all the Do-it fields plus additional local fields


Logo, Organisation Details, Organisation Type, Own ID, Organization Name, address, Geographical Area, Main Telephone, Email, Website

Contact Details of person.


Additional Details - Charity Number, Policies and Procedures, Quality Standards and Accreditations, Interests, How Heard, Tag(s)


History (logs which VC staff have edited/updated a record)

Create new Volunteers

Create local records; plus same fields can be added to volunteer info downloaded from Do-it

Volunteer Name and Address, How Heard, Area of Interests, Skills, Voluntary or past work history.

Availability, Status.

Personal details, Gender, Age, Employment status, Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion, Disability status, Driving, Type of driving licence, Commitment type, Preferred communication method


History (logs which VC staff have edited/updated a record)

Create new Opportunities

Includes all the Do-it fields plus additional local fields

Image, Provided for, Applications go to, Opportunity Title, Description, Location, Opportunity Contact, Opportunity Date, Availability, Advertising Start/ End Date, Other Details (Skills, Interests, Activities)

Bespoke Tags, Opportunity Arrangements, Local Area Info

My Do-it Applications    

Manage applications from Do-it with a variety of ONE-CLICK actions. Eg View a volunteer details, Send an email with a form to request more info, send an email with info or to follow up, Placed and Not placed

You’ll see a table with Applicant name, contact details, Opportunities info, Organisations info.

Import (bring volunteer info from Do-it into V-Base), Request Info (sends form to volunteer asking for more information which can be customised), Send Info (send contact info for the opportunity they applied for), Follow Up (send request to let VC know how the volunteer got on), Placed/UnPlaced/Verified (enables you to log placements, verify hours and update the volunteers Do-it dashboard)
This is underconstruction It will include standard reports such as demographic breakdown, activities (by Org/Opp/Vol), plus options for bespoke reports  

Setting up mailings groups - eg for a newsletter.

Smart Groups


Enables creation of smart group e-mailing lists which update as new records are added

Managing and edit mailing Groups n/a  

Complete control over administration functions:

Add your own logo

Customised fields - add new ones

Create your own tags

Create your own groups

Create your own email templates

and more...



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