Adding New User

1. Click Administration menu in the top navigation menu to view the System Administration section.

    NOTE: Only users with volunteer centre admin role will have access to the System Administration section of the website.

2. Click on Add User link under User Management section.

3. Fill all the mandatory fields and click Create new account button.

Consider carefully the appropriate role for new users.

volunteer centre admin - Users with this role have access to the System Administration section in addition to all the access of volunteer centre staff.  This role has security implications, as the user will be able to add/delete users or change some system settings and should be restricted to a small number of competent users.

volunteer centre staff - Will have access to all sections of the website such as add/editing opportunity/organision/volunteer, search opportunity/organision/volunteer, reports, etc. except the System Administration section.  Most users should be given this role.


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