Mailing component is a sophisticated tool for handling mass email campaigns. It can reliably deliver a high volume of email to your Volunteers or Organisations and provide detailed reports on the results and effectiveness of those emails.

Key Concepts

As you might expect for a web-based CRM, email plays a central role in V-Base Cloud. Broadly speaking, there are three situations in which email is sent from V-Base Cloud:

  •     to individual Volunteers or Organisations directly via the Send Email action
  •     to a large group of people as a mass mailing via Mailing
  •     to individuals who trigger an email as part of workflows in other components, for example, Send info & Request Info from My Do-It Applications section

The advantage of sending email through V-Base Cloud rather than through your email client or through a bulk email tool is that every email sent, via the Send Email action or using Mailing, is treated as an activity and stored in the activity history of each Volunteer/Organisation.

Send Email versus Mailing

V-Base Cloud offers two options for sending email to contacts:

  •     Send an email as an activity for a contact: this is suitable for sending emails to individual Volunteers or Organisations.
  •     Send a mailing to a group using Mailing: this is ideal for mass mailings or scheduled emails to small groups.


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