Deleting Duplicate Organisations & GDPR

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Deleting Duplicate Organisations & GDPR


We are currently having a tidy up of V-Base Cloud at Lincolnshire CVS and I have a number of duplicate organisations that have a presence on V-Base Cloud but not on Do-It that I would like removing from VBC. Who would I need to contact to get these removed? 

Also will Veda be working with Do-It at looking at your processes when the Volunteer Centres recive Do-It applications so that it complys with new GDPR rules? 


Many thanks, 




Lincolnshire CVS 

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Hi Jody

If they are non-do-it duplicates then you can just delete them yourself- there's a delete button at the top of the contact record. 


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Hi Heather, 

Yep - I did spot that and deleted the ones that are local ones but some are Do-Its but when I go on Do-It to 'leave' that org there isn't any file under 'My Organisations' under the recruiter dashboard. :\ I've made a list of the orgs in question and hopefully someone from Veda or Do-It will come back to me with a solution! 



You just need to ask do-it support to permanently delete the organisation and then they should disappear from v-base cloud. They are usually really prompt and delete them quickly. Lorna.

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Folklowing on from my previous post, I've checked with Do-It and they are saying that i do not have admin rights for the following organisations but I'm still seeing them on Veda: 

  • CIVICRM ID – 34 (Account Closed- No Opp's) Core Assets Children's Services

· CIVICRM ID – 287 *Duplicate org - do not use* MS Therapy

· CIVICRM ID – 306 *No longer recruiting * Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Board

· CIVICRM ID – 249 British Heart Foundation National

· CIVICRM ID – 219 Caudwell Children Medway

· CIVICRM ID – 264 Closed

· CIVICRM ID – 29 Crimestoppers (Essex) – Thurrock

· CIVICRM ID – 145 Diabetes UK

· CIVICRM ID – 128 DO NOT USE Lincolnshire Police - 1000 Volunteer Challenge

· CIVICRM ID – 152 DO NOT USE Lincolnshire Police - Restorative Justice Department

· CIVICRM ID – 54 Forestry Commission - Whinlatter & Grizedale

· CIVICRM ID – 711 Guide Dogs (Lincolnshire area)

· CIVICRM ID – 237 Hill Holt Wood

· CIVICRM ID – 214 Hill Holt Wood @ The Bridge

· CIVICRM ID – 60 Lincolnshire County Council

· CIVICRM ID – 155 LCC - Mobile Library Reserve

· CIVICRM ID – 47 LCC - Sleaford Childrens Centre

· CIVICRM ID – 226 LCC - Sleaford Library

· CIVICRM ID – 90 LCC Children's Centres West Lindsey

· CIVICRM ID – 86 Lincs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT)

· CIVICRM ID – 26 Oxfam (TVC)

· CIVICRM ID – 101 Parkinson's UK

· CIVICRM ID – 38 Prince's Trust

· CIVICRM ID – 21 Royal Voluntary Service (Bromley)

· CIVICRM ID – 28 Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) Ramsgate

· CIVICRM ID – 248 Sustrans (Sunderland)

· CIVICRM ID – 316 Young Enterprise East Midlands

· CIVICRM ID – 275 ZZZDrugs in Lincs

· CIVICRM ID – 337 ZZZTotal Voice/Voiceability

· CIVICRM ID – 209 ZZZYoung Addaction (DO NOT USE)

Would anyone from Veda be able to delete these from our database please at Lincolnshire CVS? 


Hi Jody,

We have a scheduled job to check and remove the records from VBC, if the records do not exist on Do-it. We checked the possibilities of removing the listed records with Do-it API team, and they found out that other Volunteer Centres have rights over these organisation records and hence cannot be deleted.

We are planning to create a new scheduled job that removes organisation records from VBC, if a Volunteer Centre does not have admin rights for the record. Please watch this space for further updates on this...


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I haven't heard back from you with regards your scheduled job with regards removing organisation records from VBC as requested above as they still appear on our database as of today!

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Hi Veda,


There still hasn’t been any progress with removing the duplicate organisations from our Lincolnshire CVS database. They are still appearing on it. I did request Veda these to be removed on this post back in September but I haven't heard back from you. Is there a way of deleting these organisations please? This has been going on since my first request in March! I look forward to hearing from you soon.