GDPR - third party sharing agreement

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Jen Volunteer Now
GDPR - third party sharing agreement

Hi Veda,

We're just getting stuck into the GDPR stuff and we're a little concerned about the data we store on VBC. Do we have a Third Party Sharing Agreement with you detailing what you will do with the information we add to the database? I'd appreciate it if someone could get back to me asap as we are trying to make sure we have everything covered. 

Thank you.

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Claire Jones

Hi All

I also would be interested in this as we are pulling a working group together around GDPR in the next month ready for the changes.



VC St Helens and Halton

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Hi all

I too would be interested in this as we are working  on this

best wishes

Sue Dunmore

Volunteer Centre Swindon 


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Likewise, we're looking at compliance. 

Jen Volunteer Now

Any news from VEDA on this? Does anyone have the support package and can flag this up to them or have another way we can contact them? Thnaks.


Hi Jen, 

Apologies for not spotting this thread sooner.

Do-it trust is the Data controller where v-base is concerned, and Veda are the supplier (the data processor). The agreement on data handling is with the Do-it Trust. This is currently covered by the standard terms of serice and assoiated Data Privacy and processing policies which are currently on the website.

However we are currently revising all our Agreements, Policies and procedures to be fully GDPR complaint by May 2018. We are aiming to be in a position to share these in March.

In the meantime if you have any specific questions about data storage, processing and sharing, please email me at and I will answer them.

Best regards


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Does anyone know how to delete volunteers information on mass?


We need to delete around 2,500 vounteer records for people who didn't respond to our GDPR mailing.

I thought I had found a method. I put all the volunteers we want to delete into a new group. If you go into Administration - Groups you can display a list of all the contacts in the group, and then select individual or multiple volunteers. One of the actions offered under 'more' is 'Delete Contact' but unfortunately this only pops up an empty box and does not actually delete anything!


The only other way I have found to delete volunteers is to bring them up individually using the Search facility, but this would obviously take a very long time.


There is also the issue that volunteers deleted in this way still appear if you search the applications on V-Base Cloud or on Do-It.


Also working on this I notice that do-it now has a forget button on applications - which pledges to delete the applicaiton but not the applicant....has anyone found a solution?


Jen Volunteer Now

This is something I have been in touch with do-it about quite a few times, I believe that they are in touch with Veda about finding a solution but I haven't had an update recently. Perhaps someone from Veda can update us as it is obviously a very important matter given the new GDPR regs!