Opportunity match not working

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Opportunity match not working

Not sure whether this should come under volunteers, opportunities or here.

We are having problems with the opportunity match when trying to find opportunities for volunteers.

For example, we have an opportunity for a Social Car Driver which has the interests listed as 'disability, social care and older people' and the activities as 'driving, support work, befriending.' 

However, when you are on the opportunity match and enter 'social care, driving' under the 'areas of interest' and 'activities', the results come up as either 'no results' found, or sometimes does manage to find around 10 opportunities. (The soical car opportunity doesn't come up on the list when it does actually find opportunities.)  

The opportunity is listed as under the South Derbyshire District and doesn't come up whether I search within the South Derbyshire District or not, or even search within 50 miles of a local postcode.

I think this is happening for multiple opportunities, not just this one, as when you put the exact same details on Do-It, it's returning 65 odd suitable opportunities (including the Social Car opportunity). Can anyone explain why this is happening?


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