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Request Info

Morning, I have just tried to "Request Info" but the pre formatted email is no longer there?

This also happened last week but when I signed out and then back in again it worked? This is not working today. 

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NOT Sending Email:

we are finding that since Monday we have not been able to send out any emails on Vbase Cloud is anyone else having the same .this also effects do-its


Hi Lynne,

No issues found in sending email from VBC. Would you mind providing the following details, if you are still having issues in sending emails fom your account?

 - the steps/process you are taking to send email

- the current screen you are in

- screenshots of error message, if any





When I want to email a client i will go into actions, press send an email and on the first sceen shot I ave sent you an error box comes up saying "Your user record does not have a valid email address"

And when I try and process a client on Do-it, I go to send info , the front page of the client comes up not the email templates that are set up to send out .As I hope you can see on the sceen shots.


Hi Lynne,

We checked your account and found that CiviCRM record associated with your login doesn't have any email address and your email address has been used by one of your organisation records (HM Prison Lincoln). Please follow the steps below to fix this,

Fix  Organisation record's email address

  • Search >> Organisation and find the above mentioned organisation record
  • edit and update the email address to a different one
  • Save changes

Update your contact record with the right email

  • Click on My account on top right hand corner
  • Click on View Contact Record
  • In your contact dashboard, click on Email field to add your email address and save




Thanks Gopi , that as worked a treat I will let everyone know. :-)