V-base cloud not linking with Do-it - [Duplicate]

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V-base cloud not linking with Do-it - [Duplicate]

Hi, very new to using v-base cloud even though we registered over a year ago we haven't used it until now.  We seem to be having problems linking with do-it.  Any organisations or opportunities I have created or edited since end of June in Do-it have not appeared in our v-base cloud account.  We have changed organisations names since registering and I dont know if this is causing the issue, I have edited our organisation name in both Do-it and v-base cloud.

I cannot enter any opprtunities on v-base cloud as our ID does not appear in the 'this opportunity is offered by field'

The volunteer side of things seems to be working ok.  I can import new do-it volunteer enquiries no problem.

Any adivice much appreciated.



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