Mandrill Email Sent..what's this all about [Resolved]

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Maureen Davis
Mandrill Email Sent..what's this all about [Resolved]

Has anyone else noticed that when we send an email to a volunteer using the "email"  activity or "send an email" action it creates two activities on the volunteer profile, the "email" one it that it always has and another "Mandrill Email Sent".

Apart from the type "Email" or "Mandrill Email Sent" and the fact that "Mandrill Email Sent" can be edited the activities are identical. This sems to be rather a waste of space (literally) and just clutters the activities with unnecessary duplications.

Is there a good reason why it is necessary for us to see this new "Mandrill" one. . I have been deleting the Mandrill ones when I spot them but is that going to cause a problem further down the line?

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Yes, I wondered about that

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Yes and I also wondered whether we could configure the mandrill option to talk to our existing MailChimp account? This would be Really helpful.


Hi everyone,

Some activities were created as 'Mandrill Email Sent' while we have been working on record bounced emails as an activity against the contacts. We have fixed those activites now.
The status of emails will be recorded as an activity and the contact email will be marked as 'On Hold', if  emails are bounced. Bulk email reports will show the number of Bouncd emails.


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