Preparing volunteering stats

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Preparing volunteering stats

I am being asked to ascertain how VBC compares to V-Base in terms of reporting for annual performance.  We prepare annual returns based on the historical Volunteering England return, and we wish to continue doing this.

I would like to get feedback from VEDA and other users as to how easy/practical/possible it is to create these statistics.  From looking at our records in VBC it would seem that we collect the basic volunteer data required.

I appreciate that it will depend on how much information we get from the volunteers (both at the Do-it registration stage and the later "additional information" request stage).  It seems that the basic activity steps are covered in VBC.

  • How easy do users who have already embraced VBC find obtaining these sort of stats?  
  • Are there any convenient ways to create these stats (eg creating standard reports that just require input of date range etc)
  • If it requires running multiple reports, can these be grouped together and run with a single command?
  • In terms of these stats are drop-in volunteers (ie created in VBC) included together with Do-it volunteers
  • Any other comments/tips?

Below I have included the original instructions from Volunteering England.  I suppose my basic question is - is VBC capable of fulfilling this requirement as simply and conveniently as it was in V-Base?

Richard Tomalin

Recruiting and placing volunteers

In this section we are interested in the number of enquiries that you responded to or received. We ask you about the number of enquiries or activities that you undertook during the year and the number of individuals involved. We ask for a demographic profile of these individuals. We are interested in enquiries received between April 2005 - March 2006. You can find answers to all these questions by running the Volunteer Statistical Information on V-Base, which can be found in the reporting section. You might find it easiest to print the report off from V-Base and then fill in the appropriate answers on this form.

25. In total, how many volunteer enquiries did you receive April 2005 - March 2006? By volunteer enquiries we mean all one-to-one activities you have undertaken in response to volunteering related enquiries, be they phone-calls, letters, and e-mails, casual, drop-in or arranged visits or interviews as well as 'formal' interviews. You can calculate this by running the Volunteer Statistical Information Report in V-Base selecting the activities from the drop-down menu and then selecting the report criteria to report on enquiries and applications made over the date period

26. How many enquirers were male, and how many female?

27. What was the age breakdown of enquirers? Please state the total number of enquirers in these different age groups

  • Total number of enquirers aged under 15
  • Total 15-18
  • Total 19-25
  • Total 26-29
  • Total 30-34
  • Total 35-39
  • Total 40-44
  • Total 45-49
  • Total 50-54
  • Total 55-59
  • Total 60-64
  • Total over 65

28. What was the employment status of enquirers? Please state the total number of enquirers in these different employment categories

  • Employed
  • Non-employed and not seeking work (including house persons
  • Self employed
  • Student
  • Unable to work (legal status)
  • Unemployed and seeking work

29. What was the ethnic breakdown of enquirers? Please state the total number of enquirers in these different ethnic groupings

  • White
  • Asian/Asian British
  • Black/Black British
  • Chinese
  • Mixed
  • Other

30. How many of the enquiries came from disabled people?

(Total number self- classifying disabled)

31. In total, how many volunteers have you placed through these enquiries and activities? You can calculate this by running the Volunteer Statistical Information report and selecting 'placed' volunteers in the report criteria and then selecting the date period required.

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this year’s annual survey!

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Hi Richard,

These stats can be achived in Reports >> Activities >> Activities Current year

For the scenario mentioned above in the survey, 

25 -  Activities can be filtered using custom Activity Date range ( EG: from 01/04/2015 to 31/03/2016 )

26, 27, 28, 29, 30 & 31 -  Select Gender, Age Range, Employment Status​, Ethnicity, Disability Status, Status​ in Display Columns section

30 - Select 'Is one of' , 'Self-Classified' for Disability Status' filter under Volunteer Additional Details section

31 - Select 'Placed' for Status filter under Volunteer Additional Details section


Please refer the screenshots below,

Select Display Columns

Set filters


Hope that helps...