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Ben Fisher
Import Volunteers

I know this was previously discussed in another topic (sorry to keep going on about it) but would save time and we get queries about this from Volunteers.

Volunteers were previously registered on Vbase database come and visit us in our centre every so often if they haven't found an opportunity. Alternatively when doing follow ups we book them an opportunity to come back in and see us for some more opportunities/match their skills to Opportunities.

Sorry to be negative but It seems a waste of time having to RE ENTER all the Volunteer information on vbcwhen it has already been entered on vabse old database. It also looks unprofessional to volunteer having to wait for us to retype everything. i.e. Name, Address, Contact etc.Is this possible or can it be looked into. Just at least have have SOME general information transferred?

Another thought/question, is it possible to record on vbc what opportunities a Volunteer has been allocated. 


This may not be for this topic but as its related to Volunteers?



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Hi Ben,

Please follow post for updates on Kiosk Mode.

All the opportunities referred for a Volunteer can be viewed on Opportunities Tab on Volunteer summary screen



Hi Ben i agree with what your saying i have a volunteer who came in, who also was registard already but had to fill out details for every opportunity she wanted to apply for.

I now have only made first and last name, DOB and email address required to save them filling it all in again.

I have sent a request to put tick boxes by every opportunity aswell so the volunteer can tick the opportunites they would like then only fill out 1 form as its time consuming filling out the information for every opportunity they would like to apply for as not all volunteers would loike to apply for one opportuntiy only. ( not heard anything about tick boxes yet by the way )