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Customisable reports

Hi all,

how are you getting on with creating your own reports? Does anyone have any they'd like to share?

Thanks, Hope.

Ben Fisher


Is it possible to create Customisable reports (i.e. how many Volunteers were referred to an Organisation, how many Volunteers applied for an Opportunity (internally, not through Do It. Just generally as per the statistics we ould obtain through Vbase previously. Is it possile to filter dates for statistics?

I have been asked to look into this information, it would be great to have this feature an easy way to create/obtain any statistics?


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I have also been asked to create a report showing which volunteers were referred to a particular organisation. ideally I'd be able to run a report/ESarch showing volunteers who have had an appointment at one of our branches and wich organisations they have each been referred to.



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Looking at responses to previously posted questions along this line, it would seem that pretty much anything that you could reasonably want is doable.  However, again looking at the responses from Gopi, it would seem creating some of these reports is pretty complex.

You really need an understanding of the dabase schema that is used, how the civiCRM objects are used etc.

I think that this is a concern for many of us and something that VEDA will probably need to address.  I am sure that they have been working hard on making sure that the data we need to run the brokerage process is there and the process is easy to understand and use.  Reporting will follow and I will look forward to some clarification when it comes.


I am trying to get a report showing how many applications were made to each organisation during a period and how many applications each volunteer made during that period. Any ideas?

Graeme Murray
Voluntary Action Barnsley