sending vols information to organisation [Duplicate]

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sending vols information to organisation [Duplicate]

How do I send volunteers information to organisation?


Volunteers provide their own info to organisations by applying ... or are you meaning something different?


If we have added a volunteer onto vbase cloud manually ( ie a walk in volunteer) how can we then send taht information to an organisation.

Claire Jones

We would also like to send the volunteers' contact information, name, address, telephone and email to the organisation. 

Aiden - (For VC's who are the contact for opportunities and have elected not to allow self serve for whatever reason) - some Volunteer Centres may provide the opportunity information to potential volunteers to then go and contact the organisation, but some "introduce" the potential volunteer to the organisation.  This helps the organisation know that the Volunteer Centre is working for them and maintains a good working relationship with the organisation. Being able to have a function / activity through the volunteer record that allows them to be sent to an organisation would make this process so much easier 

Maureen Davis

We have not found any easy way to do this. the volunteer profile can be printed out  but not attached to an email in any way as far as we can see. We have resorted to having to do it manually but as most of the do its only have an email name and postcode we don't have much to tell them anyway.

For those vols we know more about  we rarely "introduce now" for this reason but encourage thiose volunteers we talk to or interview, to approach the org themselves, mentioning that we gave them the contact details

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I go to "Actions - Print Summery - Print" in the destination section on the sidebar that comes up I have changed it from my printer to "Save as PDF". Then I attach that to the e-mail I send to the organisation.

I have created a templete using tockens etc to see is I can set it up to happen at a click of a button through vbase rather than going through all of that faffing about. However I have tried sending this template to several e-mail non of which ever recieve it which is odd. But I am now also having issues with all my "Request Info" template bouncing back from half of the volunteers I send it to so it could be an issue with just our account or possibly an overall bug.

Maureen Davis

Yes this is what we do but you have to be in Chrome. Explorer and Mozilla don't give you the option to Save as PDF.

As far as undeliverables the Veda server has been blacklisted as a spammer which is why some of the email functions get undeliverables to some domains (,, and as far as we have discovered). Veda are aware but no ETA as to when it may be solved (noted some weeks ago)

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We are just getting round to looking at the actual process of volunteer brokerage as it relates to VBC.  I have several questions that are all basically related to this topic, so am posting here rather than starting a new thread.  Hope it gets picked up.

Requesting more information
After sending out the request email, is there a way to know if the volunteer has responded and completed the form?  We generally like to hold off referring the volunteer until we get some more information and so would like something to trigger us to refer.  I just have this idea that Pavez mentioned a way to do this at the MK meeting but I can't remember the details now.

Sending info to the Volunteer
The standard email appends the whole opportunity details to the bottom of the email.  We think this is a bit messy and would prefer to not include all the details and just have the contact details for the Org in the body of the message (using tokens I think is the terminology).  Is this possible?

Sending details to the Organisation
At the same time we also send an email with the volunteer's details to the organistion.  I would like this to be automated as well.  Is it possible to make this an action in the My Do-it Applications list?  I think that would be great.  Alternatively, is it possible to create a new template of our own - using tokens?  How can we view the tokens available and how can we trigger the email to be sent?

Our volunteer coordinator kind of likes V-Base Cloud at the moment and I want to keep the enthusiasm up!!!  So any responses from either VEDA or users would be very welcome.


Richard Tomalin


We are so pleased to see these comments from Richard as we have just gone through the same process and came up with the same questions. We are unable to start using v-base cloud until these things are addressed.

It would fundamentally change how we operate as a VC if we are unable to refer volunteers to organisations ourselves. It seems really crazy that this is not an optional feature - surely other VC's feel the same?

Again, like Richard says, we like the look of V Base Cloud and really do want to use it but need these things to work for us! 


Debbie Leask




So it looks like this is a key requirement that seems to be coming to light, we'll add to our queue and make it a priority.

Kim Beadle

Was this matter ever resolved?


Hi Kim,

This has been resolved. please check the thread


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