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Alison Jarvis
Follow Up

Hi all,

I'm new to role and the forum, so apologies if this has already been discussed.
Is there a way to manage the follow up of a volunteer?
I can see that you can select follow up to contact a volunteer once they have registered an interest, but is there an alert/diary setting somewhere that will flag to us when we need to follow up. My team are using outlook/manual reminders and it would be good if this was all managed on one system.

Many thanks


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Hello All,

Are there any plans to link scheduled follow-ups with a reminder email, triggered when the scheuled date is reached? Having to rely on a report is not as good as having an email to trigger the action.



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JuliaD OX

This would be a great addition to the current follow up methods we use i.e;

  • set a "follow up needed" action
  • pull off/set up a report to capture the follow up needed actions
  • go into each volunteer record to check situation
  • take next appropriate action to follow up (usually an email chase)

If using the system generated follow up email idea suggested above, it would be important for the user to "complete" the action before getting to the scheduled date when there has been a response to the "scheduled" action, so that a system follow up is not generated erroneously. If, rather than a system generated action there is a diary action generated (daily perhaps?) reminding you to take action (as suggested in the second post above) - this would be extremely helpful in managing follow ups.



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This would be a useful addition to VBC functionality.  I would suggest that someone who is close to the requirement specs out just what is required and posts it into the enhancement forum.  There is a list of required enhancements and I think we are due a vote soon.